Metalex Kavadarci
Johnson Matthey Catalysts Macedonia – Skopje (2017)

Client:Johnson Matthey Catalysts Macedonia–Skopje (2017)

: Belt conveyor for transport of sludge in water treatment station

Project description
: Design, manufacturing, installation and putting into operation of belt conveyor with length L= 6 m; B=450 mm; P=1,5 Kw.


Brief Description
: The main aim of this project was to reduce the time for emptying the sludge filter press, with installation of belt conveyor under the press for sludge transport

Realized activities:

1. Design of belt conveyor

2. Manufacturing of steel construction

3. Manufacturing of drive and return pulleys

4. Manufacturing of rollers and roller supports

5. Selection and purchase of gear motor

6. Selection and purchase of electric winch

7. Selection and purchase of rubber belt

8. Installation of the equipment

9. Putting into operation the belt conveyor

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