Metalex Kavadarci
TAKRAF GmbH-KNPC Kuwait National Petroleum Company
Project: KNCP Kuwait National Petroleum Company/ Belt Conveyor System

Country: Kuwait

Contractor Company: TAKRAF GmbH

End User: KNPC Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Subject of Project:

1. Projecting, Construction, Manufacturing, Testing of a Motorised Belt Winder Device.

Brief Description- Motorised Belt Winder Device:

· Reel Mode: Device will operate to rewinding of Conveyor belt for industrial use in open surface Mine;

· Technical Description:

o Installed power: Electric motor- gear unit with P= 27[KW]

o Range of speed onto Main shaft (0-5,3) [rpm]

o Full load torque Mt=27[KNm], controlled by frequenty regulators into control panel.

o Width of belt: 650-1600[mm]

Assembly Drawing/ picture


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