Metalex Kavadarci
FENI Industry-Feeders

Client: Feni Industry – Kavadarci Republic of Macedonia Project: Extension of capacity for ferronickel ore transport system

Brief Description:

Design, manufacturing and installation of two modular feeders for feeding of ore in hopers with capacity of Q = 130 t / h and other equipment

Realized activities:

Design of feeders with apron plate chains and cross beams with capacity of Q = 130 t / h.
Manufacturing of feeders with hopers from high quality steel materials
Manufacturing of apron plate chains for this project
Manufacturing of steel construction, with hoppers and screens
Manufacturing of complete conveyors with rubber belt.
Design and production of 3 reversible conveyors with rubber belt.

Assembly of the overall equipment for the system:

Assembly of the feeder for hoper
Assembly of steel construction
Mounting the screen
Assembly of conveyors
Putting into operation .

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