Metalex Kavadarci
RMU Banovici-B&H

Client: RMU Banovici-Banovici

Project: Design and manufacturing of modular transporters for pit exploitation of coal ore with capacity Q=200 t/h and length L=120m.

Brief Description:

Design and manufacturing of modular transporters form heavy  shaped bars with length of L=120m and capacity of Q=200t/h. Width of the transporter B=642 mm and power installed P=2x30kW.

Pit exploitation in presence of: humidity, dust and methan (Ex de).

Realized Activities:


Design of transport stations

Design of connecting hulls

Design of return stations

Design of transport hulls

Selection and purchase of:

Electrical equipment (Ex de)

Sound and light signalization

Driving gears

Couplings for power transmission

Chains and chain fittings

Manufacturing and installation of the equipment on the transporters.

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