Metalex Kavadarci

A) Shell

  • Manufactured from seamless or lengthwise welded accurate steel tubes of ISO 4200 grade steel
  • Wall thickness corresponds to the loading and operating conditions the roller is subjected
    to and is optimized by FEM calculations and verified by long-term testing

B) Shaft

  • Drawn from ISO 1035 - 1, ISO 1035-4, EN 10278 grade round bars
  • The ends of shafts are CNC machined
  • The shaft is ground to a fit tolerance of ISO h6

C) Bearing housing

  • Silumin-aluminium alloy,pressed steel sheets or casted.
  • Bearing fit tolerance to ISO M7

D) Bearing

  • Single-row ball bearings are used, with dimensions in compliance with ISO 15
  • 2RS - Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) seal with sheet steel reinforcement on both sides of the bearing
    which prevent contaminants from entering the bearing
  • C3 radial bearing clearance provides for optimum roller operation
  • Bearings are filled with lithium based water repellent grease
  • Bearings are filled to 70 % of the bearing’s free space which provides for operation without
    the need for further lubrication throughout it’s service life

E) Labyrinth sealing system

  • The system comprises of several sealing elements which prevent contaminants from entering the bearing
  • Individual elements of the system are circular in shape with interlard lips which form a labyrinth
  • The shape of the lips is designed to prevent the intrusion of contaminants into the bearing chamber
    without increasing rotational frictional resistance
  • The system has two parts - an inner labyrinth and an outer labyrinth
  • The space between the lips of the labyrinth is filled with grease for catching fine dust particles.
  • The grease is the same as the bearing grease
  • Elements of the labyrinth sealing system are made from silumin-aluminium alloy,pressed steel sheets,plastic or casted.
  • The labyrinth system can be fitted with a friction ring to prevent the intrusion of water

F) Circlip

  • Manufactured from hardened spring steel in compliance with DIN 471
  • Prevents axial movement of the shaft

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